QNAP integrates Qsync Pro Mobile App into upgraded Qfile Pro App, offering enhanced mobile file synchronization and backup functionality

Taipei, Taiwan, June 8, 2023 – QNAP Systems, Inc. today announced the QNAP Qsync Pro mobile app will be functionally integrated into the QNAP Qfile Pro app in Q3 2023. This adjustment allows users to acquire a complete NAS file access, synchronization, and mobile photo/video backup experience using just one mobile app. The QNAP Qsync Pro app is scheduled to stop service and will not receive any updates from the end of 2023. It is highly recommended for users to switch to using the QNAP Qfile Pro app to sync mobile devices with NAS folders.

QNAP Qsync is one of the most popular features among QNAP NAS applications, and its companion mobile app Qsync Pro is planned to be integrated into QNAP Qfile Pro, with related functions including: viewing all mobile devices and NAS storage/connection status information, flexibly pairing folders, managing team folders, uploading photos and videos from mobile devices to NAS, and auto-sync charging devices or those with Wi-Fi connection.

The upgraded QNAP Qfile Pro is designed based on the concept of “the best QNAP mobile file management” utility. Users can enjoy remote access to NAS files, upload/sync multimedia and files from mobile devices to NAS, and share files with teammates and friends using secure share links. All these actions can be easily performed with just Qfile Pro.

  • QNAP Qfile Pro v4.0 for iOS is now available and will be available for Android in July 2023.
  • QNAP Qfile Pro v4.1 will add integration with QNAP Qsync Pro in Q3 2023.
  • Learn more about QNAP Qfile Pro at QNAP Mobile App page

Note: Features are subject to change and may not be available for all QNAP products.

This article can refer to the relevant news in Chinese version: 威聯通預告 QNAP Qsync Pro 於2023Q4 停止服務,將以 QNAP Qfile Pro 整合

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